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Below are three excerpts of my favorite pieces I’ve written & a comprehensive list of articles divided into their appropriate categories.

While the articles on Playboy.com are SFW, the splash pages are sexually suggestive.


Jack’s Last Drink written for Playboy.com May 23rd, 2012

In October 1969 a young Dale Nichols was driving his old Falcon pickup truck down Ninth Street, heading to work at Flamingo Sports Bar in St. Petersburg, Florida. Nichols had recently bought the hole in the wall after returning from service in Vietnam and enjoyed that he was able to shoot pool with his friends, and afford a liquor license that let him serve beer. As he pulled in around back, a man named Jack, who had begun showing up about three months before, was waiting for him on the green bench outside the bar. Jack never caused any trouble at Flamingo Sports Bar, but was notorious around town for instigating fights at other bars and establishments.

But Nichols liked the guy.

There was something charming about the way he always sat on the same stool, the one in the southwest corner of the bar, which gave him a view of everything that went on around him. It was nice that he was always up for a game of nine ball, no matter how many times he lost against Nichols, or Jack’s friends Clifford Anderson and Ron Tichenor. It was okay that he would prod Nichols with questions about his time in Vietnam. Pretty soon, Jack became a fixture of the place and Nichols felt like he had to turn a blind eye to the flask he would bring in that he’d shoot with a chase of beer.

Legend has it that Flamingo Sports Bar was where Jack Kerouac enjoyed his last drink. On October 21, 1969 at 5:15 a.m. Jack Kerouac died in a St. Petersburg hospital.

Flamingo Sports Bar

It was a romantic idea to discover something new about Jack Kerouac. Stumbling into Flamingo Sports Bar, this common ground where Kerouac was just a regular Joe like us, was more intimate than sharing a pint at The White Horse Tavern with hundreds of other tourists. No, you won’t find Flamingo Sports Bar in any of his novels, there aren’t any known photos of Kerouac shooting pool with his drinking buddies Clifford and Ron and there are no stories about him throwing a punch with any of the patrons. As Kerouac once put it to Nichols, “I’m either writing or drinking.” Flamingo Sports Bar is where Kerouac did the latter.

Nichols, who still owns Flamingo Sports Bar, never really took an interest in Kerouac’s other life. Kerouac left that part of his history back in Europe, New York and Chicago. There were times when Nichols would drive Kerouac home after his shift, and once they even shared a joint in his truck. “He told me that he wanted to share something and I thought, what in the hell could it be? Kerouac was there for my whole shift at the Flamingo.” Kerouac sprinted out the door while Nichols cleaned up and wasn’t found until he reached his car. The passenger door was open and Kerouac was using the glove compartment as a makeshift table to roll a joint. Nichols and Kerouac drove down Ninth Avenue and shared the joint on the way back to his house. “Back then marijuana was a no-no, but he didn’t seem to worry about it.”

I scoured for weeks to find Kerouac’s drinking friends Anderson and Tichenor but kept turning up empty-handed. Anderson did write a book about his time with Jack called Free Beer: Kicks and Truth with Jack Kerouac & other strong drinks. The title “Free Beer” was apparently Jack’s idea for Cliff’s first novel. When I finally found the number for the publisher, it was the home number of some old folks. After about a week of searching for Anderson and Tichenor, I figured it was for the best. Maybe I should just steer away from this idea of calling his close friends and let the story lie.

Then my phone rang. “Hey, man, this is Ron, sorry I’ve been such a hard guy to get ahold of. I just got back from Panama. I’ve been living there in a house I built up on a mountain. It has a tin roof and even if I had a phone up there I wouldn’t be able to hear a goddamn thing!” I told him I was sorry but would have to call him back the following day when I had my recording equipment. “What do you mean you’re sorry? How do you know when the hell I’m going to call you? Sorry? Jesus Christ, man. Call me tomorrow after six.”

Read the rest of Jack’s Last Drink here.


Birds & Bullwhips: Slow Sex & The Female Orgasm written for Playboy.com March 26th 2013

The story starts like this: a Buddhist nun in training walks into a party and leaves after being enlightened by an orgasm. After achieving this moment of clarity, she changed her direction in life and founded OneTaste, a company with a mission to bring Orgasmic Meditation (OM) around the world.

But that happens later. Let’s go back to the party. “He said, ‘It’s a sexuality practice. You’ll take your pants off, you’ll lie down. It’s for 15 minutes. I’ll have all of my clothes on. You’re free to go when it’s done, and if you ever want me to do it again I will.’” Personally, if a man ever asked me if I wanted to be masturbated to the point of enlightenment, I would be a bit skeptical. But hey, Buddhist parties are notoriously pretty epic, so who am I to judge. Nicole Daedone took the path less traveled and said yes. And it was crazy.

“The wild thing was that I was lying there and I was in my head in the way that I always was around sexuality and I was thinking, ‘Is my stomach too poochy? Is this guy creepy? Are we going to get married? Are we going to have kids?’ And then suddenly I experienced this moment of clarity and connection unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. I had experienced it in sitting meditation, but I had never experienced it connected with another human being. And everything shifted in that moment. It was like there was a ceiling that had always driven me around sex, about where it could be, but it was the realization of that feeling. And then after that I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll do this. This is what I’m in for.’”

Some ten years later, Daedone is still representing the ultimate orgasm. “I practice, but I don’t practice as much as at the height of my training; I did a seven-year, very intensive program. I couldn’t practice as much as I practiced then and still be functional, but I still practice every single day. It’s the same way I do yoga.”

While OneTaste has been around for about ten years, it wasn’t until three years ago that people started to take an interest in the program. After doing a popular TED Talk and speaking at panels for tech meet-ups and medical communities, people’s initial reactions have changed drastically. “Something shifted about three years ago and now ‘Well, of course!’ has been the primary response I’ve been getting, when before it used to be ‘Oh. Wow.’ Followed by a really long silence.” Daedone also released a book entitled Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm, which guides both men and women to slow down and connect emotionally to achieve authentic female sexual satisfaction.

Read the rest of Birds & Bullwhips: Slow Sex & The Female Orgasm here.


Porn for Women written for Playboy.com November 22nd 2012

Cindy Gallop, an extravagant New Yorker/advertising consultant, dates younger men, preferably those who are still in their early twenties. This preference is something she’s very open about. Not only is she open about her inclinations, she’s open about her sex life, which is something that caused quite a stir at TED2009 in Long Beach, California when she stepped out on stage and said, “When I date younger men, I have sex with younger men. And when I have sex with younger men I encounter very directly and personally the real ramifications of the creeping ubiquity of hardcore pornography in our culture.”

She’s right. There is a huge disconnect between what women want in bed and what is currently being produced in pornography. When we watch a woman being drilled by a man who’s bending her into some risqué Cirque du Soleil position to the point of shrill orgasmic ecstasy, it becomes ingrained in our brains that these are the things we need to do in bed to please our partner, which is not always so. It’s okay to watch pornography with a far-fetched storyline; it’s just that what’s being portrayed on-screen is not what most women want, which is something, it seems, men of a certain age are finding difficult to differentiate.

“At the moment, 99.9 percent of all mainstream mass-market porn is made by men for men,” Gallop explained. I contacted her to ask if she thought it was a good idea for boyfriends to bring porn into the bedroom after a particularly distraught reader wrote in about his botched attempt to watch Let’s Play Anal Twister with his girlfriend. “I have to explain to guys that women like sex and porn, too. But when we get ourselves off, we have to watch the porn that’s made for guys…it’s entirely male-centric in its worldview and it doesn’t take into account at all women’s needs, wants and desires.”

Despite pornography being mass-produced almost immediately after the invention of the camera, it wasn’t until the 1970s that most companies even toyed with the idea of creating porn for the female demographic.

While the erotica industry kept the visually explicit material strictly for the boys, women were climbing the ranks of new media, which eventually led to the 1972 April edition of Cosmopolitan, which contained the now-infamous nude shot of Burt Reynolds on a fur rug as a male centerfold. “At the time, you know, men liked to look at women naked. Well, nobody talked about it, but women liked to look at men naked,” explained Editor Helen Gurley Brown in The Improbable First Century of Cosmopolitan Magazine. “I did.”

Burt Reynolds, sexual pioneer? Kind of.

Read the rest of Porn for Women here.


Selection of Interviews

Rob Zombie: Playboy.com March 11th 2013

Kerli: Playboy.com March 20th 2013

Princess Donna: Playboy.com February 28th 2013

Lzzy Hale: Playboy.com February 6th 2013

Christina Voros: Playboy.com January 201st 2013

Malcolm McDowell: Playboy.com September 18th 2012

Ewan Currie: Playboy.com August 10th 2012

Dum Dum Girls: Playboy.com August 9th 2012

Moshe Kasher: Playboy.com July 26th 2012

Bill Hader: Playboy.com July 16th 2012

Marc Maron: Playboy.com July 12th 2012

Ivan Reitman: Playboy.com June 15th 2012

Damon Lindelof: Playboy.com June 7th 2012

Danny Trejo: Playboy.com March 12th 2012

Perry Farrell: Playboy.com January 29th 2012

Don Cheadle: Playboy.com January 4th 2012


Major Recurring Articles

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Script Writing

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Gadget Geek’s Guide to Travel

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16 Bit World In The 21st Century:

“There are gamers all over the world who have no interest in current and future generation consoles. I am one of them.” Stated Brandon Cobb, President of Super Fighter team, a video game development, production and publishing company based in San Diego, “The average company isn’t concerned with sentimentality; they simply follow the money. The moment these companies decide it’s time to move on, they do so. As a result, we are left without new software for the machines that we adore.”

The Ultimate History of Boobs:

“Channeling our inner Plato and Socrates, we mused about the boobs of yesteryear as we pored over vintage issues and developed our own theories about how and why breasts have transformed throughout the years in the pages of our beloved magazine. We’re not saying we’re Darwin or anything, but our theory of evolution seems pretty sound. Here’s the ultimate history of boobs.”

Vacations for the Single Traveler:

Whether you’re cruising around the world to pick up exotic chicks or you’re making the best of the single life, traveling solo is one of the most rewarding and exciting ways to see the world. Since you don’t have to worry about pleasing a second party, the sky is the limit on your time off. Here are a few travel tours that ditch the normal singles’ vacation.

Gadget Geek’s Guide: The Apocalypse:

Well, here we are, ladies and gentlemen. According to some crazies (and pop culture), the world is going to end tomorrow. It’s not like the Mayans actually predicted a global deterioration all those years ago; their calendar is just a circle of time that actually stopped recording dates in this calendar in the 10th century. This calendar has already gone through this situation, resetting itself in August, 3114 B.C., and we haven’t dug up any scrolls talking about Namer, the first pharaoh of Egypt, throwing a hissy fit so if he could keep it together, we think we’ll be fine. In any case, we’ve rounded up the best gadgets and apps you’ll need to survive the fabled apocalypse that you won’t hate yourself for buying on December 22nd.

Gift Guide: For the Women in Your Life: 

Need to shop for your girlfriend, wife or mistress? We’ve got you covered with Playboy.com’s 2013 Gift Guide.

Vacations for Creative Minds:

While most vacationers tend to spend no longer than a couple of hours visiting a museum or attending a music event to take in local culture, some  would like to take a more intimate vacation that focuses on the finer things in life: art, music and literature. Planning a culture-oriented trip can be hard, but we’ve rounded up five of the most impressive trip ideas we’ve come across for a vacation designed for the creative mind.

The Top Ten College Bars & Late Night Eats:

We loved college — doing kickass keg stands to impress our frat brothers, hooking up with enough girls to fill a sorority house and pulling off perfect attendance for not one but three classes despite the fact we just attended the tests. And even if you’re eager to get to your classes, there’s something you and every frat boy meathead have in common: a love for bars and greasy food at three A.M.

How Porn Changed Technology:

There have been a lot of ways porn has altered our lives, but did you know that the industry has played a pivotal role in the development of technology dating back to the printing press? That’s right; just because everyone was walking around in petticoats and top hats doesn’t mean they were thinking about sex any less. In fact, in 1524 a man was jailed by the pope after publishing 16 sex engravings.  Then there were the VHS and Betamax wars, credit card transactions over the internet, video streaming…We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from the beginning.

RHA SA950i Headphones Review:

As for sound quality, I ripped through my iPod library and listened to everything from Nina Simone to Wavves. While they weren’t the best for listening to old school Blood Brothers albums, they did deliver great quality in almost every other genre. I was able to use these headphones to and from work which is a huge plus too since my entire transit is on the metro. The only time I started hearing people around me was when I started passing the bars on Mont Royal which were jam packed with drunks eager for patio weather.


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