20 Bands You Need To See At Coachella

20 bands you need to see at coachella


If you’ve had one too many beers and find yourself in the mood to dance, make your way over to one of the most amusing sets of the festival: The Rapture. Equipped with a cowbell, sax, run of the mill rock band, and a sea of people ready to scream along to “House of Jealous Lovers,” this notorious New York rock band is a must see. We’ve heard mixed reviews on the saxophone solo though, Lady Gaga kind of ran the sax into the ground after using Clarence Clemons’s in “Edge of Glory”.


They may have had to fight wind, amp malfunctions and flying rolls of toilet paper during their first weekend set, but this young band came out on top completely unfazed. Playing their recently released song “Chew” and winning the crowd over with their London charm, shoegaze sound and stellar onstage semantics, we hope to see more of this opener band in the future. In fact, it’s the perfect set to crack open your first beer of the day.

St. Vincent

Half goddess, half saint we’re surprised St. Vincent isn’t on the minds of every festival goer. Formerly a member of The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ touring band, St. Vincent began her solo work back in 2006 and has been melting the hearts of millions with her angelic voice, incredible range of instrumental work and her gorgeous features. A woman who can croon like an angel and kill a set with an electric guitar is a must see in our books, and it should be in yours too.

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