The Meat Hook Meat Book Interview: Tom Mylan

meat hook meat book interview Your new book, The Meat Hook Meat Book, really stands out amongst a sea of other meat-centric books out there. What are you hoping people get out of it?

Mylan: I don’t want for people to think that these are just cuts on the shelf at the supermarket with no real knowledge  of how the cuts can interact with each other. We want them to start thinking about their meat more like a butcher does.  So that’s job one: educating the average home cook on how meat works. The second thing is to educate people about good meat in particular, in a way that eating this good meat seems delicious and fun, not just like the thing you need to do because if you don’t you’re a bad liberal or something. The last part of it is equipping people with the techniques to succeed at cooking meat. The recipes are more of a teaching tool but are all very fun. It’s really my hope that if you read and cook your way through this book you will come away with all of the techniques you will need for the rest of your life and all the understanding you’ll need to shop at the butcher. It’s a fun education—it’s kind of a trick I guess. It’s all of this wild stuff along the way, but it’s really just everything that I know about meat education masquerading as a party food book.

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