6 Awesome Podcasts To Listen To During Your Commute So You Don’t Die Of Boredom On The Subway

I’m so bad at writing this week – I’ve been slacking off so hard since Tuesday. I barely slept Monday night after I read about numbers stations you can sometimes hear on ham radio. Have you ever heard about those? It’s a monotone voice, sometimes a woman or child, rambling off random numbers for no apparent reason. Freaky-deaky stuff. Even though I’m tired and would much rather be sleeping in a sunbeam, waking only to sip on bourbon lemonade, than inside typing away at a cubicle, I try to take solace in the twelve hours I spend on the metro each week.
In that time, even the coolest mixtapes swapped with friends — or the most epic Big Shiny Tunes back catalogue — will become trite. This is why I’ve become the Podcast Queen. Unfortunately, I haven’t been officially crowned with that title yet, but I feel that it’s coming. I love them so much.  Aside from the big three podcasts everyone knows—Nerdist, WTF! with Marc Maron and This American Life—there are so many out there that you guys need to be listening to.  For me, these are the six you guys need to catch.
The WhoreCast
Aimed to “humanize people in the sex industry,” the witty host Siouxsie Q guides listeners effortlessly through the stories that surround her guests, mixing her knowledge in sex workers’ rights activism, slut-shaming and stigma. I’ve only recently gotten into this podcast after meeting Siouxsie Q at the Feminist Porn Awards. She’s such a sweetie and has so much knowledge to share with those who want to better educate themselves on these subjects.
Where to start:
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