A Brief Conversation with Moshe Kasher

Moshe Kasher

Playboy.com: It’s been a couple of months now since your memoir, Kasher in the Rye, came out. What has been the most memorable reaction to it?

Kasher: Probably the most memorable reaction was the threat of grave bodily harm from a guy in the old neighborhood. I was horrified but happily surprised that those guys were reading books. If I die, at least I did it promoting literacy in the white gangster community. It has all been worth it.

Playboy.com: You seem to really like talking about the concepts of masculinity and sexuality in your stand-up, a thing that (believe it or not) comes up quite a bit on our site, too. What is your take on Playboy?

Kasher: I love the interplay of people’s perceptions of what makes a man. I’m from the San Francisco area, so the lines have always been pink and blurry. I guess Playboy likes blurred lines too. Color lines, sexual morality lines, Hugh Hefner age lines. I respect the hell out of Playboy’s middle finger to the world. Also I like tits.

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