Adam Brody Style Interview

Adam Brody 2014 Interview You got to work with a lot of great comedians in Welcome to the Jungle but you also got to work with Jean-ClaudeVan Damme… I just need to know what he’s actually like!

Brody: He is a great comedian. He’s really funny and he’s a good storyteller. As you said, we had a lot of great comedians in the movie, but all of us, even the most cynical of the comedians, would sit at wrap sessions and listen while he’d just tell us stories on the beach about his life or worldviews or whatever. [Van Damme] is very captivating. He only knew us by our character names, but he was very warm. And he really wanted to do well, even though I think he felt a little out of his element. I’m sure he tries hard in everything he does, but he was really giving this project his all. He was a little nervous at first but he just went for it and it really shows in the film. He just lived up to my greatest expectations of him. I had a couple years in my childhood where I absolutely worshipped him.

I was so interested, it’s such a wacky… you think of him as almost alien like especially to an American, you just don’t see him a lot. Him in a vacuum is so interesting and then him opposite Kristen Shaal? I can’t even comprehend it, like what planet are we on!? So it was so interesting to merge these two worlds and I knew that it would be interesting no matter how he was but it turned out he’s a perfect gentleman and a real pro and we all just kind of adored him; he’s really great.

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