Best Foodie Vacations To Take in 2014

Best Foodie Vacations to Take in 2014

Montreal, Quebec

While Montreal is yet another culinary melting pot, it’s the chefs and their unwavering love of anything and everything rich that make it so special. Some of the most gifted chefs are coming out of the francophone province right now and it’s fairly easy to get a seat at their restaurants, as long as you reserve. Dine in Normand Laprise’s restaurant Toqué! The Toqué! cookbook won Laprise the Best Canadian Cookbook of 2014 award. Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes’ Old Montreal tavern Garde Manger is a spot you’ll know if you’re a fan of Food Network’s Chuck’s Day Off. Garde Manger turns into a wicked bar after service if you’re looking for a good place to meet locals! David McMillan and Frédéric Morin, friends of Anthony Bourdain and world-renowned chefs thanks to their popular restaurant Joe Beef, have opened Vin Papillon, a wonderful little wine bar, and Liverpool House, a great place to go if you just can’t for the life of you get seats at Joe Beef. Then, of course, there’s the artery-clogging delicacies of Martin Picard over at Au Pied de Cochon. They’ve started serving a dim sum–style breakfast from their food truck outside if you can’t make it in. If you’re looking for vegetarian-friendly meals at these restaurants, you may have a bit of a hard time since the chefs all take pride in serving fresh meats, fish and oysters.

DON’T MISS: Joe Beef is now letting you live in their restaurant—seriously. Upstairs from the notorious restaurant they’re renting out a beautiful garden suite for as low as $185 a night. Beer and wine is cooling in the fridge, but you’re going to have to pay for it.

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