Birds & Bullwhips: Slow Sex & The Art of Female Orgasms

female orgasm

The story starts like this: a Buddhist nun in training walks into a party and leaves after being enlightened by an orgasm. After achieving this moment of clarity, she changed her direction in life and founded OneTaste, a company with a mission to bring Orgasmic Meditation (OM) around the world.

But that happens later. Let’s go back to the party. “He said, ‘It’s a sexuality practice. You’ll take your pants off, you’ll lie down. It’s for 15 minutes. I’ll have all of my clothes on. You’re free to go when it’s done, and if you ever want me to do it again I will.’” Personally, if a man ever asked me if I wanted to be masturbated to the point of enlightenment, I would be a bit skeptical. But hey, Buddhist parties are notoriously pretty epic, so who am I to judge. Nicole Daedone took the path less traveled and said yes. And it was crazy.

“The wild thing was that I was lying there and I was in my head in the way that I always was around sexuality and I was thinking, ‘Is my stomach too poochy? Is this guy creepy? Are we going to get married? Are we going to have kids?’ And then suddenly I experienced this moment of clarity and connection unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. I had experienced it in sitting meditation, but I had never experienced it connected with another human being. And everything shifted in that moment. It was like there was a ceiling that had always driven me around sex, about where it could be, but it was the realization of that feeling. And then after that I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll do this. This is what I’m in for.’”

Some ten years later, Daedone is still representing the ultimate orgasm. “I practice, but I don’t practice as much as at the height of my training; I did a seven-year, very intensive program. I couldn’t practice as much as I practiced then and still be functional, but I still practice every single day. It’s the same way I do yoga.”

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