Birds & Bullwhips: The Ins and Outs of Escorting

kacey jordan

“A lot of people say, ‘You’re better than this job.’ They’re nice about it, but a lot of people will state the obvious of being an escort or a porn star. I chose this job just because I’m very open and free-spirited…I don’t know. I don’t really know how to answer that question. People think that it’s a horrible life. They say my job is horrible and they don’t know how I can do it. It’s easy and it’s a fun life and you get to travel. To me it’s the perfect job.”

Since the age of 19, Kacey Jordan, aka Courtney Roskop aka @misscnicole or whatever name you may know her by, has been working as an escort. “Back before the economy went to crap I had a good year or two where you could charge $1,800 an hour. But now it’s only $1,000 no matter who you are.”

That’s not to say these past six years have been bad for her. She makes her own schedule. She travels the world. Jordan, as you probably know, was the petite porn star made infamous by the tabloids back when Charlie Sheen was winning. “The only reason why that got out in the first place is that they told me he was dead or at least that he wasn’t responsive to medical attention when really it was just a media person who was trying to get information about the night. Of course it’s scary he overdosed. He needed help. The reason why this happened is because someone lied to me. I never shared that in an interview about how initially it came out. It wasn’t like I was thinking, oh my god, I’m going to get famous off of this. With my job I don’t want to get blacklisted.”

I talked with her while she was between clients in New York, where she is already fully booked until she leaves. “This time around I didn’t put an ad up. I’m using just my regular New York clientele. I actually don’t do a blast texting message because I try to address them with the person’s name. So I’ll individually write each client I have in New York with something along the lines of, ‘Hi John, how are you today? It’s me, Courtney, I’m back in NYC…’ Some write me back, some of them follow me so they know it and others just write me and they will book.”

Her limit is five clients a day; she has never yet exceeded it. “I’d feel tired and gross. It’s better to just do the hour ones because it’s your minimum, which is $1,000, and then usually I’ll do a deal for two [hours], which is $1,500. So the hours go by really fast and it’s easy and it’s $1,000.”

Five guys a day? Doesn’t that…hurt? “Once in a while; it depends on a client. But what’s great about the hour [laughs] is that they ask me for half my rate for 30 minutes [although she charges the full hour], which really they only last five minutes or less and it’s mostly just talking. Viagra really hurts more than anything; it’s an artificial hardness like a baseball bat.”

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