Bob Saget Dirty Daddy Memoir Interview

Bob Saget Dirty Daddy Interview I was reading this book on the train and I would get a couple of looks because it’s just a picture of you with the words Dirty Daddy underneath. I found myself wanting to tell everyone that it was a book that was coming out and not some weird Bob Saget fan fiction.

Saget: [Laughs] Yeah, it’s so wrong. It looks like there’s a problem, it does. The only worse title could’ve been Stranger Danger, which would be worse for your ride. I’m going on The Viewtomorrow. I cohosted it ages ago—I think I actually put this in the book, I had to interview E.L. James. So the night I got to New York I had to finish reading Fifty Shades of Grey. So I’m on the plane and I’ve got the hardback and that’s a damn big book so you know what it is when you’re holding it. So here I am in first class, just leafing through Fifty Shades of Grey and Ed Asner comes in and he sees me and says, “What the fuck are you reading that shit for?” and I said, “I’m doing The View tomorrow and I’m interviewing the author!” and he goes, “So? Ah, whatever. Love you!” [laughs] Mine’s a little bit less intrusive, I think. I guess that’s why people are going to buy audio and digital copies.

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