Chuck Hughes Style Interview

Chuck Hughes Interview Anyone I know who works in the food industry is going to be pretty psyched about these shoes. Why do you think it took so long to make a trendy kitchen-ready shoe?

Hughes: For us here in Montreal, and for my friends and the kitchen guys that I’ve worked with, Vans seems to be the go-to shoe for our lifestyle for many reasons. For one, they’re really affordable. Some sneakers are a hundred bucks, but you can always find a pair of Vans for fifty bucks. There are always good deals and different styles and they’re just super accessible. They’re a laid-back and comfy shoe that you can afford to get dirty or wash, and it’s easy to get a new pair. I think the brand fits with the kitchen lifestyle. Kitchen stuff is so popular now that there’s this new wave of opportunity for things that are outside of the kitchen industry to creep their way in. With the people that know me, it was so natural. I’m the guy that will go to a wedding in a tuxedo and wear a pair of sick Vans. It’s the iconic shoe that you can find for every occasion and now even one that’s made just for the kitchen!

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