Crave: Mastering the Art of Sex Toys

mastering the art of sex toys

My first sex toy was a bubble gum–blue, phallic vibrator that looked like it took two dollars to produce, though its price tag swore otherwise. I have no idea what kind of material it was made out of or how safe it was to use; all I knew was this visit to the sex shop was way different from previous visits with my friends. We’d usually gawk at the life-size Penthouse Sex Doll they proudly had on display (it had interchangeable pubic hair!), buy sickly sweet–smelling candles and massage oil or cruise the bargain bin for porn parodies. I remember being embarrassed that I was buying the thing. I decided to grab a happy birthday bag, a really derogatory card and a handful of novelty condoms at the checkout and chuckled nervously with the cashier, who in reality did not give a crap about me or my blue vibrator.

I ditched all of the birthday accessories immediately upon leaving the store.

Fast-forward a few years later; I wanted to have another go at buying a vibrator but cringed at the idea of a repeat of that first (and only) toy-buying experience. Then I found Incoqnito, an elegant line of jewelry and accessories that are functional both in and out of the bedroom, and felt a glimmer of hope. Maybe there was a vibrator out there for me that didn’t look like a cartoon penis, a cupcake or a rubber duck. Someone out there must be putting some much-needed attention into designing and crafting a well-thought-out product, right?

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