Don Cheadle House of Lies Season 1 Interview

Don Cheadle House of Lies Season 1 Interview The characters were written in a way that skew typical gender roles and the parts they play in relationships one would typically see on television. For example, your character Marty is more understanding with his sons’ life choices, Kristen Bell’s character Jeannie is a business woman with a silver tongue who is not above playing dirty with the boys and your ex-wife and mother to your son is sort of an untrustworthy wild card.

Cheadle: Showtime and the writers have made the script very eclectic. House of Lies has a real kind of grown up sensibility to it. We all wanted to push boundaries with this character as opposed to keeping Marty generic. Fortunately Matthew Carnahan, the one who created the show, was down for that so it’s been a lot of fun and we’ve developed a very fresh approach to a world [management consulting] that we don’t really know that much about. The opening scene, where we find your character naked and face deep in a woman’s buttocks, must have been quite the surprise for you to read on the first page of the script. It’s quite the risqué idea to usher in a television show.

Cheadle: I just read it on a page and thought, “Oh man, okay.” When I put the script down I started to think about how I would have to hit the gym a lot more. When we were on set, I just had to act like I’m not me and take my clothes off. I just said to myself, “Let’s do this!” It’s still uncomfortable, but you know…  [Laughs]

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