Electric Punanny: Don’t Just Go Big, Go Home!


You won’t read about these happenings in Spin, or see your favorite star being snapped by the paparazzi at these shows, but the hottest underground parties are happening around the world and are about to break into the mainstream. Call them a throwback to house parties, or an alternative to the corporate entities big name festivals have ultimately become. Call them whatever you want, underground parties are back in a big way. We sat down with New York’s hottest underground party hosts/DJ’s Electric Punanny to talk shop and give us a glimpse inside the ever-changing party atmosphere.

I’m sitting on the roof of a bar in downtown Montreal. It’s a place that I don’t really want to be after drinking at one quite similar the night before. But the sun is shining, the Eska is flowing like the bottles in the club were just hours ago and I’m sitting cross legged in front of one of the coolest entities from NYC: Electric Punanny. Producer, EMCEE and all-around musical maverick, MeLo-X is currently snapping a photograph of a girl’s tattoo of a panther on her upper thigh. “I didn’t shave my legs today though”, the girl hesitantly says. “Our whole thing is all about panthers.” Jasmine Solano chimes in calming the girl: “Your piece is so sick.” The two, who describe themselves as the “wildest entity” of New York joined forces in 2008 at club 205 wanting to breathe life back into the world of underground parties with their unique sound. MeLo-X and DJ Jasmine Solano ultimately began throwing their own monthly bash under the name Electric Punanny which quickly became one of the hottest parties in the city.