Femme on Fire: Ashley Johnson

ashley johnson


Playboy.com: Do you believe in the paranormal?

Johnson: I’m very fact-based and if there’s something paranormal you have to prove it to me. I’m definitely the doubting Thomas. It’s so funny because when I first auditioned for it and I saw the character breakdowns, I thought I should go up for Lindsey because it was more me. But once I realized that Lindsey was a dude, I was like, “Oh, okay, never mind…” But it’s been really fun to try and tackle someone who is very different than me. It was neat to learn all of the vocabulary that a Wiccan priestess would have. I learned a lot of things in that world and it was a blast. I felt like a mage, or as if I was in my Dungeons & Dragons group. “Argh!! Here are all my spells!”


Playboy.com: You’re still in school, right? What are you taking?

Johnson: I’ve been in school for a really long time. I’m basically done with all my general credits but I am going into the field of astrobiology! I love acting and I’m still doing that and I’d love to do full-time school, but I also have bills and school is expensive. Sometimes I’ll only be able to take a semester a year. At the rate that I’m going, honestly, I’ll be done within 10 years and I’m okay with that. Since by then the industry may be done with me I’ll go be an astronaut and move to Mars!

Playboy.com: Perfect! That’s a great plan, be sure you make a vision board out of it.

Johnson: Yeah, [laughs] totally not overboard. My whole house is kind of a vision board in that sense: it looks like a 12-year-old boy lives here since I have figurines of every NASA mission and then Star Wars Millennium Falcons hanging from the ceiling. People come over and think I’m either really immature or a little bit strange. I’d like to think it’s both.

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