Femme on Fire: Jaimie Alexander

jaimie alexander

Playboy.com: Going to Comic-Con must be wild for you.

Alexander: I’m actually more of a fan than an attraction there; I get really excited. Especially nowadays when you have everything there, it’s not just about comic book stuff! It’s sci-fi, fantasy, horror…You go there and you’re like a kid in a candy store! You’re walking around and you see every favorite character from every generation suited up. You have no idea who is under there, but if you see Darth Vader you actually want it to be Darth Vader. You just go with it!

Playboy.com: You’re very open on your Twitter about women being proud of their health and figures. For you, why do you think it’s important to celebrate the female body?

Alexander: Every body is different. For me, I’m 5’9” and I weigh like 125 pounds at the moment, which for me is on the thinner side; I have no chest! I really like my body like it is. I’d like to add a little more muscle, but I’m not the conventional 36-24-36, you know what I mean? The size that everybody thinks everybody should be? I’m not that, and I think that’s great. The grass is always greener in terms of size. If everybody just appreciated their bodies and just make it work for them, they’d really enjoy it. There’s a reason why they have that body, and if they’re not happy [with what] they have to tell themselves what they like about their bodies. If you could just do that when you wake up in the morning, for instance, if you could just say one thing you really liked about yourself and just go with it for the rest of the day, it would really change things. I think that’s really important, especially for young women these days.

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