Femme on Fire: Jessica Parker Kennedy

Interview With Black Sails Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy

Playboy.com:  I read somewhere that you had to get fitted for a merkin? Is that true?! I couldn’t imagine it.

Kennedy: [laughs] Yeah, you do! It’s such a funny thing. It’s not too popular these days, but of course in the 1700s the merkin was actually  pretty popular. Women back then were getting crabs, so a lot of the women actually did shave their hair and wore merkins. All of the hair you would’ve seen back then wasn’t real anyways—everyone was wearing wigs—so it was all in keeping with the style of the time. But it is a very strange and awkward thing to be in the makeup room the first thing in the morning with your legs in the air and having a woman glue… Let’s just say you get very close with your makeup artist really fast. [laughs] It’s not comfortable for anyone involved, but you do it as quickly and as best as you can and then you say to yourself, “Okay, try not to pee for the next three hours.” It’s a whole new world of fancy glamorous lives of television actors, right?

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