Femme on Fire: Lzzy HAle

lzzy hale

With their  sophomore album The Strange Case Of…  debuting at number one on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart, it’s no surprise that Halestorm’s breakthrough song “Love Bites (So Do I)” received a Grammy nomination for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” at the 55thannual Grammy Awards. We love to see fellow hard rockers being unexpectedly thrown into the mainstream spotlight, especially when the band has a frontgirl that both rocks and makes our heads spin. We caught up with Lzzy Hale days after Halestorm was nominated to talk about Alice Cooper, her sexy photo spreads and what it takes to be a heavy metal girl.

Playboy.com: Congrats on the Grammy nomination!

Hale: Isn’t that crazy? I’m still trying to get over it. We’ve been nominated for best Hard Rock/Metal Performance [for] “Love Bites (And So Do I).” It’s something we didn’t expect at all; that doesn’t happen to bands like us! We actually joked about it that day because we knew the nominations were going to be announced and we know a lot of people in the industry, so we thought we’d see some of our friends that have written for Katy Perry or something get nominated. I don’t even care if we win; I’m glad we’re able to go and it’s an honor to be nominated. It’s funny because people in hard rock and metal, we always have this very hypocritical view of the Grammys: “Ah, screw the Grammys, we don’t like the Grammys! They don’t have any good music on there!” And then as soon as you’re nominated you’re like, “WE LOVE THE GRAMMYS!” so it’s very cool, I’m excited about it.

Lzzy Hale of HalestormPlayboy.com: I adore the photo of you being told about the nomination. Where was that taken?

Hale: A girl in the audience took it when we were playing in Madison, Wisconsin. I was getting ready to sit down to do a piano ballad and talking to the audience and my guitar player ran over to me and yelled in my ear, “We just got nominated for a Grammy!” I can’t believe that they actually got that shot because it was in the middle of the set; who would be taking pictures then? So it was a lucky shot. It’s really cool because the face I’m making is extremely genuine! It’s my WTF face.

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