Femme on Fire: Monica Raymund

Monica Raymund Submarine Kid Interview

Playboy.com: You said that you have had this production company for two years. In your opinion, are there any obstacles that you’ve come across because you’re a woman since you’re in a field where there are not a lot of women being represented?

Raymund: Absolutely, I mean every day. I see it as an actor, I see it as a producer, as an artist, as a director… What I think is most difficult and challenging is my age. I’m 27 years old and when I first got into the world of producing I was 24 or 25. There’s definitely that stigma because I am young. The only way to overcome this kind of adversity is to maintain my ambition and to stay tenacious. I find that the more curious I am, the more questions I ask and the more I find myself around those who know way more than I do about this business. When I’m around those people my questions and actions are better received and I gain more respect. I’m extremely aware that I don’t know a lot about how this works, but I’m also very hungry and easily bored, so I basically just pick everyone’s brain and I think that people respect that; people respect a curious student in the art of producing. That’s how I try to build my new business.

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