Femme on Fire: Simone Simons

simone simons

Playboy.com: You were saying that having a child has brought something new to your music. Would you ever want to put out a solo album?

Simons: I love different styles of music besides metal. I have a jazz project on the side with my husband, but for now we’re just taking it easy as we are super busy with our own bands. My husband, who’s in Kamelot, also teaches and produces. So whenever we have free time we want to invest it in our jazz project. As for the solo record, it’s going to come one day, but my solo, or should I say duo, project right now is my son Vincent. When he is a little older and I have a little bit more free time I will start on my solo project, but it’s not something I want to put a timeframe on. I like to keep things open. Epica has the new album out; we’re going to tour with this record all over the world, so that is my top priority.

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