How To Travel With Sex Toys

travel with sex toys

Traveling with sex toys has been something of a hot topic lately.  While it’s  legal to bring sex toys along, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a stress-free flight.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

While this seems obvious, some travelers believe they need to bring along a wide variety of toys wherever they go. For some it fits with their lifestyle, but if you’re simply vacationing with your girlfriend for a quick weekend getaway you should really think twice about packing your entire sex toy kit. Just MacGyver that shit if need be! We’re sure you can figure out how to DIY your own nipple clamps or BDSM restraints. When packing your toys, be sure to keep them small and unobtrusive. We’ve heard one too many stories about girls getting pulled aside to see what that “big piece of salami is doing in your carry-on.” So leave your Fleshlight or your girlfriend’s beloved Hitachi Magic Wand at home, and make sure whatever you’re packing is small. Think vibrating rings, Tenga Eggs or a bullet vibe.

Wrap It Up

If, for some reason, your bags do get flagged for a search, you wouldn’t want some sweaty TSA agent touching your toy. That is, unless you want to visualize their paws all over your nether regions every time you use it. Pleasant, right? Along with all of the germs they’re unknowingly carrying, keep in mind they’re poking and prodding around in hundreds of bags a day; it’s just common courtesy. Who would want to accidentally wear a cock ring as a fashion accessory? Bag your small toys in separate clear plastic bags and stuff them between items so they don’t go flying out.

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