I owe a lot to Craigslist. I got my job, my couch, my cat and my copy of Mario Kart 64 on that site, so when it came to finding a new friend a few years ago, it only felt natural to turn to them for one of those too.
At that point in my life I had just moved to Montreal from a small town in Northern Ontario. After a few months of working odd jobs on film sets and a very brief stint as a tea bagger in a warehouse, I found a job at a porn site writing under pseudonym about porn stars, industry news and snarky articles on sex. I didn’t talk to anyone in the office for the first four months of that job. It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested in them; it was just my first 9-to-5 gig and didn’t really know how to interact in that setting. Now I know that talking at the coffee machine and water cooler is actually a real phenomenon. Essentially for four months all I did was go to work, ride the metro, hang out with my boyfriend, drink beer, and go on Tumblr.
On a lazy Friday in February 2011 I had enough of it. I posted the following on Craigslist:
Desperately Seeking: New Sidekick
Must have the wit of Chelsea Peretti and the charm of an ice-cold martini. They should like trendy literature, funny but not crude YouTube videos, cakes that look like turkeys & cool crafts. Ideal candidate would be extremely outgoing and would not be put off by sarcasm, book readings, throw pillows, midnight food expeditions or going to a bar on a whim in their pajamas to have a shot. Applicant must not be afraid of overzealous tendencies, dressing up when it is not Halloween, nail polish, dress shopping or calories. Must live in the Montreal region. Owning a cute dog, preferably a Boston Terrier a plus.
Please no pompous foodies, but foodie benders welcome to apply.