Interview: Damon Lindelof

damon lindelof

For the past nine years, writer/producer Damon Lindelof has been making fanboys foam at the mouth. It’s not that his writing is subpar; as part of some of the most talked-about pieces of entertainment, Lindelof has had to contend with die-hard fans. You’ll recall the Lost finale, in which many felt they were cheated out of answers, and his coproducer role in the first Star Trek film since 2002…It should’ve come as no surprise to see him named as a cowriter when talks of an Alien reboot by Ridley Scott himself began circulating.

After months of anticipation, the highly anticipated film Prometheus will be coming to the United States June 8th. After talking with Damon, it is safe to say that he’s just like all of us sci-fi crusaders. The only difference between him and us is that he’s the one creating and molding the things that we love for the big screen. Well, Damon, we’re almost at Friday. I know I can’t wait, but you must be anticipating the groves of fanboys once the end credits are rolling. What are your plans for the U.S. opening?

Damon Lindelof: I’m probably going to go check out the movie in IMAX. I haven’t seen it in IMAX yet, but I’ve seen it in regular 3D. Every time I see it I get asked, “Have you seen it yet in IMAX?” and I say, “Where is that going to happen? Do you think I have that kind of pull that I have an IMAX theater in my basement or something?” I have to wait for the movie to come out like everybody else. I think that’s probably my plans for Friday night.  Are you going to shut off your Twitter account for the weekend or do you like seeing the comments roll in from the masses?

Lindelof: I’m taking it as I can. I resign myself to the fact every time I go on Twitter or I check my feed that while there will be positive comments, there will also be their dark sister. The “How did you ever get a job in this town?”, the “You ruined my childhood retroactively by crapping on theAlien franchise, may something burst out of your chest and kill everyone you love.” I can take that with a fair degree of humor in doses, but in the case of Friday night I just want to enjoy the birth, for lack of a better word, and I’ll let all the pain come later. The idea of having two strong female leads in the film, played by Noomie Rapace and Charlize Theron, is wonderful. Does gender play a role in the Prometheus storyline at all?

Lindelof: I think it definitely does. Ridley [Scott], in the first Alien movie with Sigourney [Weaver], showed that having a female hero for a movie shouldn’t feel that outside the box, especially thirty years later. He was always committed to that idea and I think for me as a writer it was really cool to develop a character who was not just a kickass action hero who happens to be a woman, but a woman who, for reasons that the movie makes obvious, has to be a woman in that situation in order for the true psychological terror to sink in.

Charlize, who plays a character named Meredith Vickers, at first comes across as a prototypical hard-ass bitch character on the surface. But the more you scratch at that surface, you realize how she came to be that way. Hopefully by the end of the movie you find yourself questioning that initial judgment.

And clearly we have two incredible actors: Noomi, whom American audiences aren’t really familiar with yet, and Charlize, whom they are, but are looking at in a slightly different way. I think it brings the movie to an entirely different level every time they’re on screen, particularly when they’re together. I just feel enormously grateful to be able to write some stuff they say.

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