Interview: Danny Trejo

danny trejo You’re typecast as a bad boy. Are a lot of people surprised when they meet this kind-hearted, community driven, married man?

Trejo: [Laughs] Yeah, but you can’t tell anybody. My passion is talking to kids who are in trouble—in juvenile hall—especially because that’s where I grew up.

The great thing about the movie industry is that when you talk to kids you have to get their attention, which is impossible, because they have none. And then you got to keep their attention, which is impossible, because they have none. Then you have to show them you’re cool but that’s impossible because anybody five years older than them can’t be cool and then you got to deliver your message.

My message, ‘problems get worse with alcohol and drugs and education is the key to anything you want to do’ is a hard one to engage. My blessing is the film industry. I’ve got their attention the minute I walk onto the campus. They want to hear what the guy from Con Air has to say, what the guy from Heat has to say, what the guy from Recoil has to say. But if Joey the accountant shows up, it’s going to be real hard for him because the only ones that want to hear him are the math majors. The kids that get in trouble don’t want to hear it. So this life that the good Lord has given me is a blessing for what I want to do. And with that blessing you get to work with a lot of incredibly gorgeous women!

Trejo: One of the perks! I worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world. I love to be around women that God worked over-time on.  Ashley Judd, Serinda Swan, Selma Hayek, Michelle Rodrigues, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan… All of these unbelievable girls are friends of mine and it’s amazing!

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