Interview: Ivan Reitman

Ivan Reitman How did you film your earlier movies? I feel the same sense of “normal” as I get when I watch Judd Apatow films, especially in Meatballs and Stripes.

Reitman: I like to think it’s because [I’m a] a fabulous director. [Laughs] It’s always been my style to play things in a real world. I’ve always believed that my principles as a director were that the main actors in my films were always the smartest guys in the room, as opposed as the dumbest guys, which is another form of comedy altogether. If you could be as clever as Bill Murray or Harold Ramis, and you were as brave as they are, this is the way you might be able to say something if you were at the top of your game.It’s interesting; I see it now after Animal House, Stripes and Meatballs were rereleased.

I think people remember these movies very fondly and they have resonated through these decades and don’t really feel dated in the way most movies from 30 or even five years ago feel. I mean the music is, the sense of clothing and style is different, but there’s something about the storytelling, comedy and the character interplay that seems to work today as well as before.

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