Perry Farrell Interview on The Great Escape Artist

perry farrell Creating the perfect atmosphere for music lovers seems to be something you strive for.

Farrell: To be honest with you, there is an off-Broadway Theatre show in New York called Sleep No More. They rented out a couple of floors of a hotel and you would go down to this place with a group of people where you’re all encouraged to walk anywhere you want in the five or so stories of the place. Every room is dressed as some mysterious thing and throughout the entire time you’re there you’re just completely immersed in this theatre. Every once in a while somebody would come running through and do some kind of performance.  I loved the experience of immersive theatre, the dancing and the incredibly gorgeous settings but there was no group, no source, and no musical element there. So I came home really inspired by that and really wanted to bring immersive theatre to music and to bring it to the public. It seems that this sort of atmosphere is going to bring back the intimacy and importance of what coming together to listen to music is all about.

Farrell: I like the idea of new experiences for people. If you consider rock music the way it’s been played for people the last 40-50 years, it’s been the same. I want to just give a new experience. I don’t want people to go there to stand mindlessly and watch, I want them to be excited to go down to see what it’s all about you know, get them interested in what it looks like and what it feels like. You gotta get these people out of their houses!

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