Review: Chris Brown Fortune

chris brown

Like Lana Del Ray, I find it hard to separate Chris Brown’s music from whatever he gets himself into in his day-to-day life. Whether it’s his unhealthy past with Rihanna, getting in a brawl with rapper Drake and his posse, or sending a less-than-humble tweet (and then deleting it) after winning a Grammy for Best R&B album, it’s hard to push away that negativity while listening to his latest album, Fortune.

That being said, it’s not like this album is anything close to iconic so we won’t have to worry about it for long. He’s basically created the ultimate R&B/Pop/Techno album by utilizing every single noise, hook and sound we’ve heard from albums that have been coming out this year. The second track, “Bassline,” is basically a self-titled Pop/Dubstep song; “Till I Die” borrows the street sound from old-school hip-hop; and the track “Don’t Judge Me” is a love song that defies belief since it’s wedged between so many others that either sing about using Louis Vuitton condoms (because he’s just that bank) or not caring if a woman has a boyfriend because, well, who wouldn’t want to date a catch like Chris Brown? The best thing about the song “Don’t Judge Me” is the line which sounds more like a plea to the public: “Can we please change the subject?”

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