Review: Jack White’s Blunderbuss

jack white - blunderbuss

I first heard White at summer camp. One of the girls in my bunk received a care package from her brother whose band was touring America and who had been sending us mix tapes all summer long. Stuck between The Strokes and Pulp was a cover of Robert Johnson’s “Stop Breaking Down” performed by The White Stripes.

Ten something years later and White is no longer singing about puppy love or peppermints, and I’m staring at a computer screen listening to his first solo albumBlunderbuss on iTunes. After hearing the album in its entirety, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jack White is a modern day Hemingway.

In the novel “Islands in the Stream” Hemingway wrote, “He had to train himself not to quarrel with women anymore and he had learned not to get married. These two things had been nearly as difficult to learn as how to settle down and paint in a steady and well-ordered way. But he had learned them, and he hoped that he had learned them permanently.”

Why these words weren’t inscribed in the cd jacket sleeve is beyond me.

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