Review: Marilyn Manson Born Villian

Marilyn Manson

There are three times in my life I remember listening to Marilyn Manson. The first was when my older sister worked at one of those redundant Goth stores that littered all malls in the late ’90s. I swear, all of those stores had a specific song list and “Sweet Dreams” played every half hour. The second Marilyn Manson milestone was when I was going through my own Goth phase that only lasted for however long “mOBSCENE” was charting on MTV. The third time I listened to Marilyn Manson was when I was washing my dishes while listening to his first album in three years, Born Villain, over the weekend. Sure, I wasn’t outside on a church stoop smoking cloves and drinking out of a flask like when I first listened toMechanical Animals, but I was still able to rock out to the king of shock rock.

Manson’s eighth album, the first off of his own label, Hell, etc., aims to be different from the previous two. Cutting off his tainted relationship with Interscope records, Manson has said that he’s in a more creative space this time around. Without the studio breathing down his neck, as they supposedly had with his past two albums,Eat Me, Drink Me and The High End of Low, he was able to be “very certain about what I wanted to say.”

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