Shawn Ashmore Style Interview

Shawn Ashmore Interview I am so interested by how social media is shaping the television, film and music industries.

Ashmore: Some critics argue that if you’re live-tweeting during the show, you’re not really paying attention to it. I understand that sort of criticism, but I also feel that a lot of people can do two things at once! [laughs] They can watch and digest and enjoy a show and during commercials send out a tweet. So yeah, I think it’s an interesting way to interact socially, and again, I think it ties back to the experience. Watching a television show, we will never have that communal experience we have in a movie theater, you know, that reaction where everyone jumps, or everybody laughs at the same joke. The energy of that crowd around you feeds your experience, and that feels like the social interaction on Twitter—you’re comparing your reaction to likeminded people’s at the same time. To me that sort of feels the same. We always want to reach out and have a communal experience when we’re being entertained. It started with theater, then films, and now it’s like that with TV. I think Twitter creates that community atmosphere.

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