Taylor Momsen 2014 Interview

Taylor Momsen 2014 Interview

Playboy.com: You’re constantly having comments thrown at you about the way you dress, most recently over the album cover forGoing to Hell. Why do you think people still make a huge deal about women in rock and women’s sexuality?

Momsen: I don’t know, to be honest, because I can see Robert Plant’s fucking dick when I watch old Zeppelin videos and he’s got no shirt on…so as far as I’m concerned he’s been more naked onstage than I have ever been! [laughs] But it’s the same thing as fashion; sexuality is a part of music, because music is so self-emoting. It’s your body, it’s your soul, it’s your everything. Therefore my body is a part of that too. As for the record cover, I think people took it a little bit wrong. To me it was meant to be kind of an iconic piece of art. I specifically didn’t put my face on the record cover. It’s meant to be about the cross and having that make a statement about going to hell. It’s saying that I’ve got nothing. I’ve been stripped of all personal belongings and material possessions because they’re worthless. You come into this world with nothing and you leave this earth with nothing but your soul. Why cover that up with something else?

And fuck, let’s be honest, I just ripped off the Pink Floyd picture and an Eric Clapton album that I love. [laughs] But in the words of Picasso, good artists borrow, great artists steal. So I stole and I redid it. I mean, look up E.C. Was Here. I’m not doing things that haven’t been done before; I’m redoing it in a different way. There are only 12 notes, so everything is going to be repeated in some way, you just have to make it your own and pick up where people you love left off and try to create something new out of that.

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