The 7 best restaurants in Quebec outside of Montreal

Outside of NYC, Montreal has the most restaurants per capita of any city in North America, while outside of Montreal… there are some surprisingly awesome places. In fact, the rest of Quebec may well be being unjustly overlooked thanks to the bright shining star that is La Belle Ville’s food scene — so we’re here to redress the balance…

L’affaire Est Ketchup

Quebec City
As the proud sister restaurant of the crazy popular Patente et Machin, this small, two-stove kitchen is putting out some of the best food in Quebec — expect their black chalkboard menu to change by season or, at times, just because the chefs want to. The name itself refers to a French idiom meaning “everything is cool”, and not to the condiments needed for their food, which includes the likes of giant servings of pear and paté, Canadian uni, rich potato gnocchi, duck breast w/ lentils, and octopus salad. 
What you’re getting: Literally whatever they recommend that day.

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