Workaholics Interview

workaholics 2014 interview On Etsy there are some pretty incredible art pieces based on your show. What’s the greatest thing you’ve seen?

Holm: I’ve seen some pretty spot on drawings of us which seemed to have taken quite a bit of time to make. It’s weird to have somebody draw you, but also an honor. So cool, thanks!

DeVine: Yeah, it is weird that there’s some 15-year-old girl out there staring at shirtless photos of us and really working on the dimensions of our nipples.

Holm: Hey, better that than the other way around is what I always say.

DeVine: You always say that?

Holm: Yeah, I always say that.

Anderson: Yeah, I think I’ve heard him say it before, so.

Holm: Yeah, I have a lower back tattoo that says it!

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